The Time Is Right For Something Better.

Traditional insurance products can lead to gaps in coverage for businesses who rely on delivery drivers. Premiums are based on industry averages and applied universally regardless of your liability profile. Nevertheless, traditional insurance products were all we had until something better came along. Now, something better is here.


26% of all car crashes involved mobile phones


It takes 4.5 seconds to read or send a text


The Average Cost of A Claim Rose By An Average of 24.3% Between 2005 and 2013

The Safer Your Drivers, The Greater Your Potential Savings.

With RoadWise, premiums are priced more fairly because, rather than history and industry averages, RoadWise premiums are more closely aligned with your drivers’ actual behavior. They’re based on aggregate risk profiles derived from: hard braking, rapid acceleration, speeding, unsafe maneuvers and phone usage. Each month, premiums are automatically adjusted to meet these profiles.

Features & Benefits

  • Monitor and Correct Driver Behavior

    The ability to monitor each driver’s individual behavior provides you with the opportunity to address any unsafe maneuvers that could be impacting your premium.

  • Improve Safety

    Because you can identify and address unsafe driving behaviors—you not only potentially save on premiums, you make the roads safer, too.

  • Real Time Dashboard

    Log in anytime to see how drivers currently on the road are performing along with the historical performance of all drivers.

  • Lower Your Premiums

    Driving habits are analyzed and an aggregate score is assigned that determines the appropriate coverage. The better your score, the lower your premium.

How Does RoadWise Work?

There’s no costly equipment to buy. RoadWise is an app installed on employee smartphones which sends driver data to a powerful analytics dashboard. The app is available for download from the App Store and Google Play. Contact us to see if RoadWise is available in your state.